School & Sports Physical

Everyone understands the importance of physical fitness in childhood and teens. Parents love to see their kids healthy, active, fit and participating in schools sports. Being active in school sports helps in Mental, Emotional, and Social Development of Children are they are more confident, socialize emotionally stable then children not very active.  Further, they develop health lifestyle habits to carry into adulthood. However, in order to be eligible to participate in a sports programs, it is highly recommended that your child complete a sports physical.

Sports Physical (Pre-Participation Physical Examination) :

A Pre-Participation Physical Examination (PPE) or Sports Physical is a screening assessment of your child to evaluate their health and fitness. The goal of the Sports Physicals exam is to promote health and safety during training and competition. It involves a complete background of medical history and a physical examination.  During the physical, the doctor identifies whether it is safe for your teen to participate in sports based upon family medical history, history of illness, hospitalization, injuries and current fitness level.

Who performs Sports Physicals?

A board-certified pediatrician performs a sports physical. Normally, a sports physical is performed at the Pediatrician’s office. Your Pediatrician will review your child’s and family’s medical history to uncover any potential health risks or seeks to identify conditions that may limit the physical activity during training and workout. Your child/teen will be asked to fill out a questionnaire with your assistance to investigate daily habits and lifestyle.  A Physical Examination will be performed at the Pediatrician’s Office to determine the current fitness level of your teen.

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