Dr. Akl Pediatric Practice acquired Dr. Naveen Imran

Welcome Dr. Naveen Imran, MD to Dr. Youssef Akl’s Pediatric Practice in Bolingbrook, IL. Dr. Imran is a board-certified pediatrician with extensive experience in both pediatrics and pediatric cardiology. Dr. Naveen completed her pediatric residency at Loyola University Medical Center in 2005 and then earned a fellowship in pediatric cardiology at Advocate Christ Medical Center/ Hope Children’s Hospital,

Promoting Good Television Habits

The American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) has changed the “ No screen before 2” rule and believe kids below 24 months can learn from media under the supervision of parents and care givers.  However, how much time children should spend watching media screens are still debatable but everyone agrees the less is better.  It is still believed that children under 24 months should not have screen time more than 1 –

Things to Consider Before Taking Your Child to a Pediatric Clinic for Immunization

The parent always wonders about their child health care and if they are taking every preventative measure to make sure if their child health is in optimal condition. Parenthood requires keeping your child healthy and safe. Vaccination plays an important role in your child preventative healthcare and it is perhaps the best way to protect children from diseases like Chickenpox,

Impacts of Rising Healthcare Cost on Average American

The growth rate of health care spending in the United States exceeded the growth rate Gross domestic product (GDP), inflation and population for many years. Between 1940 And 1990, the annual growth rate of real per capita health spending ranged from 3.6% In the 1960s to 6.5% in the 1990s. As a result, the share of GDP Spending on health care increased from 4.5% in 1940 to 12.2% in 1990.